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mhyssaofdragons asked:

Hey, I just started an advice/support blog based off BTVS and ATS, and I was wondering if you could let your followers know about it? It's basically a place for people to come talk about their problems and ask advice of their favourite characters from the shows (admins will answer asks in character). It's at flvebyflve(.)tumblr(.)com. Thanks! <3

Hi my followers, check this out if you wish :)


Buffyverse AU - Darla as The Slayer

Called in 1600 at the age of fifteen she fought the forces of darkness for nine long years, often using her beauty to lure vampires into dark alleys where she could dispose of them quietly; a ruse she continued to use once sired, in order to lure innocents to their deaths. In her twentieth year of life her parents died, leaving her their estate which garnered little income. Given her official duty as the Slayer marriage was out of the question and so, in order to make ends meet, she became a prostitute, continuing her Slaying until she contracted syphilis. As the disease progressed her mind became less stable, causing her to forget her calling and who she was. By the time the Master called on her to sire her, the disease had broken down her body as well as her mind and she retained no memory of her former life once she was reborn as a vampire.

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